Sample Essay on Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security refers to a cabinet department in the federal government of the United States that was created in response to September 11 th attacks. The primary responsibilities of this department are to protect the US against terrorist attacks, respond to terrorist attacks, natural disasters and man-made accidents. This department is equivalent to interior ministries in other countries.

While the Department of Defense engages in military actions in the foreign countries, Department of Homeland Security works with the civilians to ensure that the United States is protected both within and outside the boarders. In 2011 fiscal year, this department was allocated $98. 8 million. Out of this amount, the department spent $66. 4 million.

The main goal of this department is to prepare, prevent and respond to any domestic emergency especially terrorism. Immigration and Naturalization Service was absorbed by the Department of Homeland Security on 1 st March 2003. The department assumed the duties of this service. This entailed dividing services and enforcement functions of the unit into two agencies. These are the Citizen and immigration Service and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Intelligence gathering and investigative unites that were initially part of the INS as well as the Customs Service formed the Homeland Security Investigations.

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Peter Andreas, who is a boarder theorist, notes that creation of this department is a major reorganization of the government since Cold War. He notes that this is a major substantial move by the federal agencies since the 1947 National Security Act. Research Corporation of the department states that combined markets for local and state homeland security totaled to $16. 5 billion. The Washington Post reports that the Department has issued grants worth $31 since 2003 to local and state government for projects associated with homeland security and improvement of the ability to protect civilians against terrorism.

Department of Homeland Security has over 200, 000 employees and it is the third-largest department in the US after the Veteran Affairs and Defense departments. President of the United States appoints the homeland security secretary. However, Senate of the United States must consent to the president’s appointment. The president can also remove the secretary from office. Deputy Secretary and other under secretaries as well as assistant secretaries assist the secretary in managing the Department of Homeland Security. The department has several divisions and agencies.

Since the US Department of Homeland Security was established, its headquarters have remained in Nebraska Avenue Complex in Washington, D. C. Initially, this facility belonged to the naval.

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